Friday, March 20, 2009

Great short video

I came across a great video this afternoon. It does not have any pike in it, but all in all it is a great fly fishing short teaser film. Nice music and dubbing with the video.
Fly Fishing the Frying Pan

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Spring is Near, What happened to Winter

The summer sun has begun to bring it's warmth to the foothills. I am not sure where winter took off to, but I don't think that he ever came in with much this year. It has been an exceptionally warm and dry winter. Very little snow and no rain. If this trend continues, we will be in a severe drought by June. As far as the lakes are concerned, south park is melting out sooner than average and the Denver area ponds are all ice free. Spinney should be opening in the next few weeks. Ice off is around the corner. With all the trout action that goes on during ice off, it'll be hard to concentrate on our friend of the depths, the water wolf.

I have been tying a few flies to get prepared for the quickly upcoming season. As soon as I can take a few pictures, I will add them. I am kinda stuck between the tying bright colors and the more natural olives and browns. The fly that interest me the most is one that a buddy of mine came up with last fall. It seemed to work well then, as he caught a monster of a pike! The diving action of the dalhberg diver head mixed with the marabou and zonker tail looks very nice in the water, but the deer hair head takes time to tie. Besides, it normally only last for one large or a couple of small pike before it is too destroyed to use. Now, Umpqua makes a really great looking pike fly. I would really like to be able to tie one of those up, but as pike are pike, they won't last long.