Sunday, August 1, 2010

Mid summer Pike

Just a quick note of a medium northern I caught yesterday around noon in 12 feet of very weedy, and dark water. I swallowed my flashtail whistler so deep, that I could not retreve it, so if anyone catches a roughly 32 incher in Colorado, be sure to look for my fly!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Brown eats rainbow

I can't find the link to who put this photo out, but it's a classic. Thank you for sharing it! I thought you guys/ and gals, if any, might like to follow this thread on pike in trout waters here in Colorado. The argument is as old as the history of pike here, and Colorado is not alone in the argument. Click here to take you there.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Iceland Volcano

Here is a link to some really good pictures of the volcano and the destruction and havoc it has created.
Click here to go there.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

You gotta be kidding! Pike are not the a**holes of the fishing world!

After reading this article on the existence of pike in western Montana, I have come to love them even more. I come across quite a few of those "elitest" trout fly fishermen here in Colorado. There is a river here that is a "gold medal trout stream", and often times very large pike can be found there running beside rainbow and brown trout. The lake above and the one below both contain healthy populations of trout and pike. The upper lake has a Fish and Wildlife Department regulation to remove any and all pike caught from the lake. I think that it's completely silly! Yes, it is true that pike will savor a trout, but around here their main meal comes from either suckers or crawfish, or mud dogs. I have been asked to not toss those big flies around here because they "scare" the trout away. Completely silly! Why fish for such a pansy fish, "GO PIKE"!!!

Pike on a Spey

I just bought me a TFO Deer Creek Switch rod for my piking, and it is good to know that there is someone else out there targeting pike with a little longer rod. It's just too bad that everything within a few hours drive is still under several feet of ice. I might have to give Pueblo reservior a shot for some wiper. Some guy just caught a possible new world record there recently. Anyways, here is the link to the youtube video for Pike on a Spey.