Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Enrico Flies

I have been thinking of trying to tie up a few Enrico Bluegill flies. I have not tried them out first hand, but for the cost of a single fly, I could purchase the material and try to spin a few up. It seems to me that they are fairly durable, easy to cast, and would look really good in the water column. The Peanut Butter style was originally developed for salt water striper fishing off the northeastern US coast. Since then, many variations have come about. Fly Fishing in Saltwater magazine has a nice write up of for Peanut Butter. And Fly Tying Forums has a Bluegill that I think would work the best for the high mountain lakes of Colorado.

Although, the fly above looks really cool too. It was designed by some guys from Fly Fishing Nation 09.

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