Monday, April 20, 2009

Swimming Trout Fly

Just wanted to add a video from Steve Potter in California as he ties a Swimming Baitfish. I am going to try out a rocky mountain version. Something between a trout imitation and a dalhberg diver. Swimming Baitfish video I'll post once I get the materials and the fly completed. Now it is off to the fly shop.
Fish On!


Pike fly-fishing articles said...

Have fished everyday now for a week and it just keeps getting better.No huge pike yet but a couple of 6 kilo girls.Bought 280 euros worth of flytying materials today. Check out tomorrows post with some amazing flies.
By the way whats you name...Mountain man?
T8 Linz

mountain man said...

13 pound (6 kilo) pike are a lot more than I been able to get a hold of lately. I have caught nothing but trout. Which isn't too bad, better than a skunk! It's just not piking. Hopefully saturday I will hook up with a few. Just checked the weather, rain and snow friday night and thunderstorms saturday with a high of 59F. Sunday, clear and 71F. The weekends have been cool and wet for the last 2 months! I like your signature, very creative. I'll check out your post of those flies.

Pike fly-fishing articles said...

Hey Jerry,
send me your email address to
I have something for you to put on your blog.its for all us Pike fly-fishermen.
will explain in tomorrows post.
Cheers mate